Newsletter January 2023 – Back to Business

Reytjie Laubscher

Back to Business…

Although the year 2022 has seen a recovery in activity within the transport industry and the general economy, there have certainly been many challenges as well.

With the turbulent fuel costs experienced last year, operators are now more than ever focused on the fuel economy of their fleets. Added to this challenge are considerations like the safety, productivity and efficiency of their trucks.

That is why we at UD Trucks Lichtenburg are committed to providing sustainable transport solutions to that are tailor-made for your business.  By making improvements across the value chain, we offer comprehensive solutions for emerging challenges facing the logistics industry.

Our economy, and the general society, depends on trucks to keep the wheels of industry turning. Leading into the festive season, we will continue to be there for our customers to ensure that this vital job gets done.

It is more evident than before that cooperation is the key to a more successful business, and ultimately a better society. Henry Ford once said that ‘if everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.’

Here at UD Trucks Lichtenburg, we believe that working cross-functionally helps us to strengthen our support and service to you, our customers. In 2023, we will work even harder to bring you smart modern and ultimately dependable transport solutions and support.

Please be assured of our unrelenting support, our team is always ready to go the extra mile.

Versatile trucks to suit your business

This month, Paul Mouton, New Vehicle Sales Executive, shares some insights into the UD Trucks Quester and Kuzer ranges.

Quester – Combining Efficiency with Durability

The UD Trucks Quester range’s flexibility makes it suitable for a wide range of applications and segments such as general cargo, long haul, construction and waste management. With the added power and performance gained from the use of the ESCOT gearbox enabling it to carry out multiple assignments with increased fuel and driver efficiency.

If one takes into consideration the increased number of trucks on the road and drivers far from their home base, just one minor accident can throw operations off course, impacting the health and safety of a driver and possibly delaying important deliveries.

Safe driving starts with the driver. That is why the Quester includes several features including a reliable auxiliary braking system and hydraulic retarder, making the Quester a wise investment for safer operations.

We also offer comprehensive driver training to ensure our customers fleet drivers are enabled, equipped and empowered to improve their efficiency behind the wheel for more cost-effective and safe driving.

Kuzer - A light-medium duty truck that is made to deliver extra

UD Trucks’ Kuzer is specifically aimed at fleets that are looking for flexibility to operate in the urban logistics environment, but which can just as easily serve as mini-compactors or as robust delivery vehicles for bakeries in rural areas

The Kuzer is equipped with a 150hp engine, optimized driveline and fuel coaching technology to get the best fuel efficiency for your particular application.

With renowned Japanese technology at its heart, the world-class engine management system features a fuel injection system that makes it perfect for urban distribution. The new generation 3.8-litre CRS system that allows for easier driving on steep terrain and higher maximum speeds.

Using less fuel every minute means going further and longer at lower cost. As a result, you can fit more in to your business’ day-to-day schedule at a lower cost and a bigger income.

Payload - Get excited to SAVE in your business

Now, more than ever with the high fuel cost is the time where you need to save cost and let your load work for your business.

Bring home a bigger payload

Making changes to increase payload can lift your business to a higher level. Not only will a lowered tare weight increase payload, but also the productivity and profitability of your operations.

The UD Trucks Quon extra heavy truck range solves this problem by a reduction of weight in the physical truck that allows operators to carry more payload. Fewer trips mean less fuel is used.

Quon GW26 460 - TT HR

Low tare weight: 8 418kg. Lighter Tare = More Load