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UD Trucks Lichtenburg opened its doors in February 2011 and has since grown to a considerable force in the Commercial Vehicle Market. The long awaited deployment of a UD Trucks Lichtenburg, bringing their technical and logistic support to this North West precinct, has been received very favourably by many. With ample capacity they are currently servicing more than 300 vehicles from a wide variety of industries, including Live Stock, Feeds, Dairy, Petro & Chemicals, FMG, Commercial Transport, Poultry, Sanitation, Construction & Mining and Agri-Cultural.

UD Trucks Lichtenburg are dedicated to adding value to your business and fleet by facilitating new and replacement vehicle purchases, ensuring that you receive exclusive technical support and continued parts supply – on time and at a competitive price.

UD Trucks Lichtenburg is committed to providing the best possible transport solutions for your business. Focusing on real added value, customers can expect to take their companies to the highest levels of productivity and profit. Some of the most important value added services are:

  • Sophisticated transport consultancy service to assist you in vehicle selection.
  • Full maintenance and service contracts available on request.
  • Professional driver training.
  • Financial assistance through UD Financial Services.
  • Eight well trained teams consisting of more than 20 technicians with great experience and skills in maintaining UD Trucks as well as three qualified auto-electricians that will ensure your fleet`s uptime 24/7, 365 days a year.
  • Fourteen fully equipped working bays to ensure adequate capacity in the workshops.
  • 24 hour service facility at workshop, with prior arrangement meaning the flexibility of a day shift as well as a night shift at no extra cost to you.
  • Parts department with extensive stock holding, an excellent supply rate also operating on a day and night shift.
  • Sufficient standby vehicles.
  • Ultimately Dependable Workforce.

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Did you know that UD Trucks stands for Ultimate Dependability? Here you can learn more. UD Trucks Heritage


When you use UD Genuine Services & Parts, you can count on guaranteed quality, value throughout the life-cycle and improved productivity.

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